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Mar 2, 2012 11:00pm EST
the tennessee valley, where the death toll has climbed to as many as 27. from indiana to tennessee alabama, the tornado touched down and destroy that small towns. we have complete coverage with senior meteorologist bob ryan, but first, horace holmes is in the satellite center with the latest on the damage and the graphic video. >> photographers from all over captured video. as you watch, it is frightening how deadly the twisters are. this is one of the twisters as it crosses southern indiana beginning its path of destruction in henryville. the tv crew capturing this footage had to seek shelter. bu>> we are inside. >> the wind, lightning and hail. after the storm blew through indiana -- >> there was debris everywhere. i thought it was a dream. >> this is what was left behind, 300 homes destroyed several people killed. at a high school was blown apart. >> the teacher said it was going to be bad. >> in indiana emergency crews are still scrambling. >> they are looking to see if there are victims trapped. they have their work cut out. >> indiana officials say henryville was wiped out. the huge
Mar 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
in indiana, the only -- a populatoddler was found in a field in indiana, the only member of her family to survive. we begin in henryville, indiana. >> this is the aftermath of the ef-4 tornado. the town of henryville, you have to look hard to find a building with all four walls and roof. the storm was clocked at 175 m.p.h. and tomorrow the tedious clean-up begins. in henryville, they knew something was coming, but no storm warning could prepare the small town for this. >> you could hear the wind, the flashes of light. >> the tornado came through so quickly, this woman was not able to escape the high school where she worked. she hobbled with her son and 10 other students in the principal's office while the roof was ripped away. >> we are all alive. that is all that matters. >> the twister that came through kentucky is one of dozens, part of a system that brought 100 portis through the country's midsection, from the ohio valley to the gulf coast. >> we had no power, no remote radio, nothing. the only thing we had was our phone. >> in alabama cell phone warnings to save the people who hav
Mar 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
by one today. the so-called merkel problem that was found in an indiana -- the miracle toddler that was found in indiana in a field has died. the cameras were rolling as storm chasers captured the wild wind and deadly storm. with wind as fast as 175 miles per hour anything in its path was a prime target for demolition. school buses were sent flying, homes leveled, and buildings left as if they had been bombed. >> you get on the ground and it takes you a second to kind of look at it and see what those people had to go through. >> i would encourage folks to come to our shelters, get a warm meal, get a cup of coffee, take a rest. >> loved ones desperately look for family members still unaccounted for. nearly 100 tornadoes were part of this system. in kentucky, they are still trying to get a tally of the number missing. they want everyone who survive to sign their names and registry. >> thank god that i have my daughter and my grandchildren. >> and what many hope would be a triumph in the face of the twister has turned to tragedy. angel babcock was found alone and still alive in a
Mar 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
rain. the severe weather that all across indiana into kentucky. nothing for us to worry about here. a few showers beginning to push into western maryland. not expecting anything severe for the overnight hours. here is our futurecast. moving to the day tomorrow, here is the rain on and off. mid-50's to lower 60's 4 overnight. 65 to 70 degrees tomorrow. the extended outlook shows a really nice day. for the day on monday. we are going to look for cooler air on tuesday. >>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> this season is closing -- coming to an end, but alex ovechkin is doing well. >> he is picking up steam. leave it to alex ovechkin to get the caps on early with a two- point lead. washington has won 22 games. streaks are meant to be broken. dale hunter's systems just crumbled. there he is on the screen. his second goal of the night. with four minutes to go, ties the game up at 3. it takes it to overtime. there he is. the caps 3-0 lead, listing for- 3. tiger woods has the ability to get people excited about the gulf. he did toda
Mar 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the undisputed cinderella team of year. around, the clock that fairyight on tale and indiana came up day, to the sweet 16 for since the final 45 seconds, on the run, he got rejected. teammate was there to t.lp them ou was 63-61. seconds, no dice for rob brandenburg. at rams finished the season 29-7. two huge upsets last night. no march madness shoppers today. wisconsin top vendor build. .- wisconsin top vanderbilt syracuse alumnus vice-president .oe biden in the house orne's dominated from outside well.side as sutherland came off the bench with 15 points. as late move into the sweet 16. gonzaga ties ohio state 61 with the three. jared salinger was crushed. he is 11 himself and the buckeyes advance. marquette advanced to the sweet 16. buzz williams with a heartfelt shout out to his sweetheart after the big win. work, do it every matter where it is surrounding year. have to be a line chaser to me.arried to she is tougher than all of them kids that we play with. .t is really humbling today.scoreless innings there are reports that peyton the 18 to sign with by tuesday. it is also rep
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5